Practical Cats is a small company run by sensible (yet crazy cat people) originally Australian-based but recently relocated to Central America (Belize).  We are also parents to a small dachshund (Maxie) and three cats – two of whom have their own page on Facebook – Trim&Salem.  Our remaining cat Sabrina, is a princess, and likes to remain aloof and off social media, for now.

We sell cool and quirky cat furniture to the weird cat ladies and cat dudes via Amazon in the United States.  Our products are sourced in China from quality manufacturers and are custom-built to our specific requirements.  All our products are extensively tested by inspection agents in China and we also trial each product on our own cats just to be sure.


Co-owners of Practical Cats



Salem deciding which cat cave she likes the best

Our products will retail from $50 to $120 and will be sold on the Amazon US platform.

Cat’s natural instinct is to be playful.  They are hunters.  Cats are better off remaining indoors as they are natural hunters and they will compete with other animals to prey on smaller animals which damages the local ecosystem.

Outside cats are not only predators but they are also competitors. Local wild predators such as foxes, skunksraccoonsopossumsweaselscoyotesbobcats, hawks, and owls rely on the native populations of prey animals to survive.



All our cat caves are made of safe, environmentally friendly materials.