Cat Bed shaped like a Cat-Face


I have been recently experimenting with this product with our foster kittens and the Mother Cat we are minding.  I don’t have a new version of this blue felt cat cave.  I have been using a pink sample I received from our manufacturer almost a year ago.

My Cat Trim watching over the foster kittens

Within few days of crazy activity by the kittens, this product was really grimy and covered in cat dander and fur.  As this cat cave is detachable I took it apart and I gave it a sponge wipe with a damp cloth mixed with some laundry detergent and a tiny bit of bleach.  I removed all the fur and also the build-up of cat food that the kittens had so eagerly blended into the felt fabric.

Surprisingly this product came up almost as good as new.  There is a pillow insert.  The pillow insert in this product is cream but the products we are selling on Amazon have a grey pillow insert – see below:


I have ordered additional samples from our warehouse in California to see how the product actually looks with our logo affixed.  I love this product.  I think it is a really simple design.  It has neutral colors which blends neatly in with most home decor.  All our cats love this product as it gives them a safe place to nest inside.  At one stage I had the Mother Cat and all the kittens inside with little faces peering out.  At other times they were climbing on top of it.  Here is the felt cat cave looking a bit worse for wear – before I cleaned it.  The little buggers were just leaping up onto it.


You can get this product in pink or blue.  Check them both out on Amazon.  Your cat or cats will love it.


Alternatively, you can unzip the base from the top and let your kitten sleep on the base and pillow.  The zipper is strong and sturdy and the moulded felt doesn’t lose its shape even after rough handling.  Our sample travelled from Sydney (Australia) to Placencia (Belize) and was squished in a shipping container and still looked pretty good.

Interior of modern living room panorama 3d rendering

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