How a Practical Cat Bed creates Harmony

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Why do we care whether our cat has a bed – if our cat will choose a cardboard box?

Sleep is real important to cats and providing multiple sleeping spots for them is crucial to their health.  Cats sleep a lot of the day and have short, sharp bursts of activity at different times.

We all know what happens when that product from Amazon arrives in that nice neat cardboard box.  After an awe-inspiring unboxing experience – even more so if there is foam and little peanuts, you will often find your cat perched inside a daggy old box.  While the beautiful new cat bed goes completely unnoticed.  This experience is akin to a toddler getting expensive gifts at Christmas and instead playing with the cardboard box.

Now as amusing as this all is, the reality is that we don’t want a whole bunch of grimy old boxes cluttering up our homes.  Even for those cat lovers who verge on the “cat hoarding spectrum”, myself included.  At present I am looking after 4 foster kittens and their Mother – so we have 9 cats in a two bedroom Mennonite house in Belize.  Cray, cray right!  Yep.  However, I am a neat freak – almost like Bree in “Desperate Housewives” if any of you remember that show – but I am not quite that neurotic.  Ask anyone.

Creating neatness and order in a Multi-Cat House

For those of you with more than two cats, and there are many of you out there, I believe I could confidently designate your home as a “multi-cat” home – not that there is anything wrong with that.  Research has shown that cats are happier with a companion cat.

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When we moved from Sydney, Australia to Placencia, Belize we shipped four animals with us – a miniature dachshund and three cats.  Then a month later I rescued a very tiny kitten and adopted her – so now we have 4 cats.  Then the local Humane Society asked me to foster some week old kittens.  There were six.  Two died, despite my best efforts.  While I was getting my first rescue kitten desexed we actually found the foster kittens’ mother – who was also having a desexing procedure.  She was pretty much feral and wild.  I adopted her because otherwise she would have been returned to the streets immediately post-operation.  We took her home and within an hour she had warmed to the kittens and began feeding her.  My other four cats accepted her.

I am a firm believer that even in a multi-cat home it is important to create neatness, order and harmony.  I source and sell beautiful, simple and affordable cat furniture on Amazon in the United States.  When I found my Chinese supplier I visited their factory to ensure that they don’t employ any unsafe practices or have underage labour.  I was very pleased with the professionalism of their multi-billion dollar operation.  My manufacturer also supplies cat furniture to Walmart and Costco and more high-end clients.

The products I have made are designed for the middle-class clientele, that is, they are reasonably priced and good quality and durable but not ridiculously expensive.

One of my favourite products is our Premium Felt Cat Cave – and I got it made in pastel colors – pink and blue.  We are only selling a limited quantity of these because the cost of storing them in the warehouse is becoming prohibitive because of their size and we are only a small business without the economy of scale to absorb high fixed costs as a business-start-up.  I have about 200 all up for sale and I imagine they will sell real fast, particularly with Black Friday approaching.  They are already selling quite well.

Premium Felt Cat Caves in Pastel Pink or Blue

I love this product, for two reasons: one, because they are a simple, unobtrusive design that blends well with your home decor and, secondly, because after a year the product is still looking quite good.  We have had a sample which I purchased from my manufacturer and we shipped it here to Belize from Sydney and it got a bit squished in transit but its still going well.  The sample I have at present is a bit grimy as my foster kittens have been in and out of it constantly as well as the Mother Cat.  Although I am sure I will restore it to its original condition with a good clean.  One of my original cats Trim loved this so much because he is a really timid cat and it gives him a safe place to hide from our dachshund.

Trim in his favourite cat bed

As you can see this is our dented cat cave – after a year of use and being transported halfway around the world squished in a shipping container.  The product can be completely dis-assembled for cleaning and you clean it with a lint roller and possibly a warm soapy cloth.  There is a little pillow inside as well.  My Trim shown above loves to rest in here, strangely enough, even after the Mother Cat and the kittens have nested there for lengthy periods.  I think this product is a good choice for those of you considering a cat bed but unsure whether your cat will like it.  We offer full refunds so if your cat hates it you can always send it back to Amazon with no cost to you – particularly if you are an Amazon Prime customers.  Or you might instead consider another product like the grey cat triangle with scratching panels on the side – our kittens were running up the side and sliding down – funny buggers.

The front and the back of the grey triangle is shown above.  The grey faux fur resembles carpet and once again, after a year of use, it still looks almost brand new.


I believe that creating neatness and little spaces for our cats to nest and sleep does provide a harmonious home and also less fights between the siblings.  So check out our Amazon products and remember you can always get a full refund if you cat refuses to use the cat bed.


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