Why your Cat needs a Scratching Post

Generally speaking scratching posts are made of wood and covered in a coarse material like sisal fibre which encourages your feline to scratch rather than attacking your carpet or sofa.  Cats have a natural urge to scratch and you even see this action in very small kittens.  They scratch to remove dead material from underneath their claws and they also scratch to mark territory with scent glands.  This is why you often see your cat return to scratch the same part of your sofa, again and again.

grey kitten on floor
Photo by Marko Blazevic on Pexels.com

Most cats are attracted to surfaces which are coarse or textured where they can bury their claws into the material.  Cats often scratch when they wake from a nap and when they want to mark their territory or if they are greeting you when you return home from work.  When cats scratch they will often extend their lean bodies and stretch right out and they like to stand against a vertical surface.  If they were outdoors it would be a tree trunk.

If you have indoor cats, as most of ours are, you need to get a good quality scratching post to discourage them from wrecking your furniture.

Practical Cats produces fine scratching posts and cat condos which suit dual purposes – they satisfy your cat’s natural urge to scratch and they give them a safe place to nest or sleep.  Our cat triangle priced at only $35 is a good start as it has the scratch pads on the sides as well as a cosy pet tent to nest in.

We have tested this product and even after twelve months it still looks new.  We have been testing this recently with our Mother Cat Tabitha and her four tiny kittens.  The kittens have been scratching on it just this week (they are only four weeks old).  But what is even cuter is, they are walking up the sides and sliding down the other side.


We also have a scooped perch and nest with a scratching post which is designed to look great in your home.

This is a beautiful product and will complement your home while entertaining your cats.  My larger cat Sabrina, who is part Maine Coon – sits atop this one all the time as it gives her the opportunity to be Mistress of her Domain.


If you have a kitten or a very small cat you might prefer the Stylish Minimalist Kitten Condo shown below.  This one is designed for kittens or very small cats.

Each product has complete assembly instructions included and we offer a satisfaction guaranteed refund period of 12 months as we are so confident in the quality of our products.

close up photo of laying cat
Photo by Min An on Pexels.com


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