Practical Cats retails cat caves and cat scratching furniture on Amazon in the USA.

This is a great two-in-one! Cats love it and so do I! I really love that it can fold up so small, we slide it under the couch when we have visitors over (we have a small space) and then it just pops back open, no assembly or anything! It’s a win in my book! We have have several of the Practical Cat products now and I can say with honesty that I’m a big fan!

Grey interior of bedroom
Grey interior of a spacious monochromoatic bedroom with a yellow pillow lying on a king-size bed





My husband bought this cat tree for our two cats and it’s been a big hit! We have pretty petite cats and they love to crawl in the house. We can usually find one in the house and one perched on top!

If you have a larger cat the may have to really squeeze to get in the house but usually cats like to do that anyway. It’s also very cute and looks great in the house! I definitely recommend this one!